Push notifications

Push notifications (Android and iOS) #

To use push notifications you must login into LM Cloud via the LM Home app once.

Push tokens for your devices can be found in LM Cloud settings.

Step-by-step guide #

  1. Log into your LM Cloud account via the LM Home app.

  2. Click close (x) in Mosaic or go to the LM Cloud apps main page.
    push 1

  3. Click the cog icon in the LM Cloud apps main page.
    push 1

  4. Click the copy icon to copy the relevant push token, then paste it into the notification script.
    push 1

Script example #

push = require('applibs.lmcloud.push')

title = 'Push title'
body = 'Push message body'

res, err = push(token, title, body)
log(res, err)

Further assistance can be found in this forum thread