Amazon Echo (Alexa)

Amazon Echo (Alexa) integration #

Task #

This example will show how to integrate Amazon Echo (alexa) voice assistant into LogicMachine to be able to control your installation.

With LogicMachine Skills for Alexa, you can now speak to your KNX, BACnet, ModBus, EnOcean, DALI and other protocol installations.

All voice control objects are universal, non-protocol dependent and are assigned by LogicMachine device.

Most common languages are supported.

Steps #

  1. Make sure you have the latest LogicMachine firmware installed latest software on LogicMachine

  2. Make sure LogicMachine has Internet access (correct IP, gateway DNS is set up in System config -> Network -> Interfaces )

  3. Create a LogicMachine cloud account. This can be done here:

  4. On your LogicMachine main screen click on Admin icon and enter your admin password

alexa img_01

  1. Go to app store by pressing + icon

alexa img_02

  1. Select Alexa and install

alexa img_03

  1. Login with your LogicMachine cloud account (created in 3.step)

  2. Create a network and copy the connection string.

alexa img_04 alexa img_05

  1. On LM main screen Open LogicMachine Cloud app, enable connection, paste the string and save.

alexa img_06 alexa img_07

  1. On LM main screen click on Amazon app

alexa img_08

  1. Add device which need to be controlled via voice

alexa img_09 alexa img_10 alexa img_11 alexa img_12

  1. Switch to device list and press Sync cloud button

alexa img_13

In case of successful syncing, the time and date of the button will be updated.

alexa img_14

Please note! After each change done on LogicMachine (adding/removing/editing devices) you should:

  • click Sync cloud button
  • Discover devices from Amazon Alexa interface via voice command
  1. Install alexa app

  2. Create amazon account and log in

  3. Set up your account