Ekey biometric scanners

Ekey biometric scanner integration with LogicMachine #

ekey FSX app is available for download in the LogicMachine application store.

This application can be used to integrate ekey FSX scanners into the LogicMachine environment as KNX sensors (monitoring the fingerprint or RFID card recognition or binary inputs) or as KNX actuators (to control the scanner on-board relay and scanner LED lights)

It is an alternative to traditional biometric ekey access control solution ekey net or ekey home with multiple extra functions:

  • the connected ekey scanners can be configured, operated and monitored online using this app
  • can be registered max. 200 fingerprints max. 8 ekey fingerprint scanners can be connected to the single LogicMachine RS485 port or to ekey USB converter
  • contains the internal user credentials (fingerprints and RFID cards) database
  • the LogicMachine Lua scripts can be used to use the functions not included into web application user interface

The app user manual can be downloaded here

The ekey FSX fingerprint scanners need to be registered with an access code for full functionality to be enabled.

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