LM Cloud

LogicMachine Cloud solution #

Make sure that LM has valid gateway / DNS settings and TCP ports 443 and 8883 are not blocked on your firewall

Task #

This example shows how to create remote access for the Mosaic visualization, Schedulers and Trends.

  1. Use mosaic to set the visualization.

  2. Visit https://remote.logicmachine.net to register a cloud account

  3. Login to your LM cloud, create a network and copy the connection string.

cloud_solution img_01 cloud_solution img_02

4.Open LogicMachine Cloud app, enable connection, paste the string and save.

cloud_solution img_03 cloud_solution img_04

  1. Now you can remotely control your Mosaic visualization, you can use https://remote.logicmachine.net

Or LogicMachine app (Android or iOS) cloud be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet

cloud_solution img_05

cloud_solution img_06

cloud_solution img_07

cloud_solution img_08