Google Home

Google Home integration with LogicMachine #

google_home app_icon

  1. Install and configure Google Home app on Logic Machine.

  2. Visit to register a cloud account

  3. Login to your LM cloud, create a network and copy the connection string. google_home lm_cloud_01 google_home lm_cloud_02

  4. Open LogicMachine Cloud app, enable connection, paste the string and save. google_home lm_cloud_04 google_home lm_cloud_03

  5. Sync each time change was made in Google Home app in Logic Machine. google_home lm_app_01

  6. Link the LogicMachine Action in the Google Home App, and log in with the same credentials of

google_home app_01 google_home app_02 google_home app_03

Further assistance can be found in this forum thread