BACnet server

BACnet server #

Server settings #

LogicMachine built-in BACnet server can be enabled in System config > Network > BACnet settings.

bacnet settings

Refer to LM manual for a full description of BACnet settings.

Objects #

The recommended number of BACnet objects is 2000 or less

All binary and numeric LM objects which have Export property enabled can be accessed via BACnet.

Export property is set in the Objects tab.

bacnet export

Binary objects are mapped to BACnet Binary values.

Numeric objects are mapped to BACnet Analog values.

BACnet object instance number is equal to the group address in numeric form:
X/Y/Z => X * 2048 + Y * 256 + Z
0/0/1 => 1, 1/1/1 => 2305 and so on.

Change Of Value (COV) #

Change Of Value (COV) delta can be set for each numeric object in System config > Network > BACnet COV settings. The maximum number of COV subscriptions can be increased up to 4096 (default is 256).

bacnet cov

BACnet object list #

Current list of BACnet objects can be found in System config > Network > BACnet objects. It is possible to download a CSV report containing all objects.

bacnet objects