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SIP server on LogicMachine #

Task #

How to pair SIP door entry systems with building automation projects?

You can install a SIP registrar into LogicMachine which can send SIP requests to SIP clients.

For example, one can install a Linphone SIP client app on touch devices which are used for visualization control. Upon SIP request from the door entry system, LogicMachine will forward the request to the respective SIP client/recipient. On this client’s device a new window will appear with options to answer or reject the call. When the call is answered, you will see video and audio from the door entry system. When the call is finished, the Linphone app will go to the background.

SIP package installation on LM #

Create a resident script with 60 seconds sleep interval and run it once – this will install required packages. Install scripts: old iMX28 CPU | current iMX6 CPU.

Copy the contents into the resident script.

After each firmware upgrade this script must be executed again.

Check if LM has Internet access #

Check that IP, gateway, subnet, DNS are correctly set.

sip_server img_0

SIP client application #

You can use Linphone or any other SIP client. Use LogicMachine IP address as a server/domain address.

sip_server img_1

sip_server img_2

Further assistance can be found in this forum thread